Regional Events and Information

ETC offers a wide array of outstanding, ongoing professional development opportunities to its members. With this in mind, we would like to help our members create local training opportunities that are relevant to our profession. These regional events will bring together the local community to create awareness for ETC as well as your institution and possible new connections and networking. Guidelines are as follows:

  • An ETC member must either host the meeting or serve as a liaison between the host and ETC. Those in attendance should be from more than one institution.
  • The meeting will be a single day or half-day, and will focus on a topic relevant to our profession.
  • The meeting can be in tandem with that of an existing local or regional organization that is professionally related to ETC. If a professional organization is involved, the request should include the name and contact information for an officer of that organization, if different from the host.
  • Requests from a given person/group/locale will be approved for no more than once per year.
  • ETC Corporate members are invited to partner with a local institution to sponsor a regional event, and participate in the meeting as an attendee or as a presenter.
  • We ask that a request to host regional events have at least 2 months lead time to facilitate planning and availability.
  • The meeting host will ensure all attendees are informed of ETC's sponsorship of the meeting. The ETC logo will be included in promotional materials about the meeting. ETC’s Executive Office will provide materials about our organization for distribution to attendees.
  • Within four weeks of the meeting a report should be submitted to ETC’s Executive Office with the following:
  1. The reimbursement request form and documentation (receipts) to substantiate the reimbursement.
  2. A brief report describing the meeting including any associated materials, if applicable (program, schedule, etc.). An attendee list including, at a minimum, the names and affiliations of each attendee.