FAQ Membership

What are the steps in the membership process?

  1. Register your organization as a master account/key contact.
  2. The primary contact listed on the master account can link profiles to their membership benefits. As the key contact on a membership account you can login and view the linked individuals. Key contacts can unlink those no longer associated with their organization and create new profiles for additional individuals to add to their membership. This can all be done under the the same login as the key contact of an organization. Separate master account and sub-account logins are no longer required.
  3. If you have several individuals that you would like to add to the organization's membership, you can reach out to the Executive Office for assistance. Name and email address is all that is required to add individuals to the organization.

HOW Do I UpDATE the InDIVIDUALS WITHIN my Organization?

As the key contact on your institution’s membership account, you may view who all is currently linked to your institutional account by logging into your account, selecting view/edit your profile. 

  1. Select “My Profile" and then "Your Organization” 
  2. Once on the organization page you will see a link for “Individual Profiles”
  3. The linked individuals page will list all the individuals currently receiving the benefits of your institution’s membership. You may remove people by “unlinking” that person’s name from your organization. New individuals can be added by creating new linked profiles at the top of the page. 
  4. If you need assistance with this process, or have several individuals that you need to add to your institution’s membership, please contact the Executive Office for assistance.

Screen shots on how to update linked individuals below.

1. Navigate to My Profile

2. Select "Your Organization"

3. Select "Individual Profiles"

4. Create new profiles, "unlink" old ones


Need TO RENEW YOur Membership?

For those renewing your membership for FY 22-23, the institutional contact should have received an invoice. However, you may also access the renewal form here. If you have issues renewing, or need an update invoice, please reach out to the executive office for assistance at [email protected]