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Copyright Code of Conduct
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Whereas we believe that a balance must exist between the rights of the producers and distributors of the works that we collect and disseminate and the privileges of ourselves and our patrons who benefit from their performance and display; and whereas we understand that, if the owners of media materials are denied their legal right to actual and potential revenues that may be derived from their works, the net effect will be a decline in the production of media materials;and whereas we consider infractions of copyright law to be equivalent to acts of theft;

It is resolved that members of the Consortium of College and University Media Centers:

  • accept as a professional responsibility their own education in matters of copyright legislation that are relevant to all aspects of their professional duties and attempt to adopt copyright guidelines for their respective institutions.
  • abide by the laws protecting the property of media producers and distributors
  • join with industry colleagues to inform patrons and academic colleagues of the Fair Use provisions of the Copyright Law and Guidelines as they apply to particular instances within the media center
  • recognize that copyright holders may legitimately protect their property through litigation
  • will, when in need of exception to contractual terms, consult the copyright holder or agent to request permission for a license
  • make every possible effort to ensure that purchases of media materials are made from sources that have the legal right to offer the material for sale to educational institutions and agencies.
Adopted by the membership April 1994.