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2014 Conference Program and Proceedings
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NOTE - To view session recordings, abstract and presentation materials, click on session titles below.

* denotes session recording not available.

Wednesday, October 15th

***Conference schedule is tentative and subject to change***

 7:30am-  5pm  Registration  Plaza Foyer
 8am-5pm  Workshop - RF & Wireless, Soup to Nuts *
     Pete Putman, ROAM Consulting LLC
 Broadway 3-4
 8am-12pm  Workshop - CopyWrites: Crafting Successful
 AV Copyright Policies for Your Institution
     Anthony Helm, Dartmouth College
     Jane Hutchison, William Paterson University
     Lindley Shedd, University of Alabama
     Kim Stanton, University of North Texas
 Broadway 1-2

 12pm-1pm  Lunch on your own
 1pm-5pm  Workshop - Digital Signage for
 Technology Managers
     Bill Thomas, InfoComm Academy
 Broadway 1-2
 5:15pm-6pm  First Timer's Orientation  3rd Floor Council
 5:15pm-6pm  Significant Other's Planning  3rd Floor Senate
 6pm-6:30pm   Conference Presenter Meeting
 *includes moderators
 3rd Floor Forum
 6:00pm- 8:00pm  Opening Reception and Cash Bar
 Pavilion Foyer

Thursday, October 16th

***Conference schedule is tentative and subject to change***

 7:30am-5pm  Registration  Plaza Foyer
 8:30 am
 Breakfast  Pavilion West
 8:45am-  10:15am


 President Wim Wiewel, Portland State University


 "Higher Education, Disruption and Learning" *
   Presenter:Eric Denna, University of Maryland

 Pavilion East/West
 10:15am-  10:30am  Break  Plaza Foyer
 10:30am-6pm  Sponsor Showcase  Plaza Foyer

 1) "Planning the Analog Sunset at UC Berkeley"
     Nicole Sattler & Annie Hsu, UC Berkeley

 2) "Analog to Digital Conversion: Trials & Tribulation"
     Carl Schweibinz, Hillsborough Community College
 Broadway 1-2
 1) "The Equipment Petting Zoo: Creative Publicizing"
     Christopher Medeiros, Yale University

 2) "create:space - A Makerspace For Everyone at Stanford"
     Erin Scott, Stanford University
 Broadway 3-4
 "FLEXspace: The Flexible Learning Environment eXchange"
     Mark McCallister, University of Florida
     Jim Twetten, Iowa State University
     Lisa Stephens, SUNY
     Joseph Moreau, Foothill - DeAnza Community College
 Pavilion East
 12pm-12:45pm  Lunch  Pavilion West/East

 "Get Flipped with the New Way of Teaching
 and Learning"
     Howard Rose, Crestron Electronics

 "Maximize the Use of Projection Screens in
  Ambient Light"
    Randy Reece and Steve Cook, Draper Inc.    

 Pavilion West/East

 "Media Distribution in Higher Education"
     Raul Burriel, Oregon State University
 Broadway 3-4
 "Using Category 5e, 6, 6a for AV Applications"
     Steve Lampen, Belden
 Broadway 1-2
 "Transformation of Academic & Special
 Event Support"
     Jason Railton, University of Notre Dame
     Dwayne Smith, Old Dominion University
 Pavilion East
 2:45pm-3:45pm  Dedicated Sponsor Showcase and Dessert
 Plaza Foyer
 3:45pm-  4:45pm

 "What's New with Clickers"
     Susan Brower, Loyola University
     Jim Twetten, Iowa State University
     Herb Coleman, Austin Community College
     Siobhan Ross, Providence College
 Pavilion East
 "Building a Blended Learning Boot Camp"
     Sandie Miller, William Paterson University
 Broadway 1-2
 "Archive Portal: Providing Access to the World's..."
     Matthew White, Archive Portal, LLC
     Carleton Jackson, University of Maryland
 Broadway 3-4
 4:45pm-6pm  Dedicated Sponsor Showcase Time
 Plaza Foyer
 5:45pm-6pm  First Timers' Photo  Grand Staircase
 6pm-8:00pm  Cash Bar
 Pavilion West/East
 7pm-8:30pm  Awards Dinner
 Pavilion West/East

Friday, October 17th

***Conference schedule is tentative and subject to change***

 7:30am-4pm  Registration  Plaza Foyer
 7:00am- 8:30am  Breakfast  Pavilion West
 7:30am- 8:30am  Interest Group Breakfast Table Discussions - Emerging Technologies  Pavilion West
 Announcements  Pavilion West/East
 8:45am- 9:45am

 "Collaboration and Its Many Definitions
 at a University"
     Casey Foulds and Joe Jackson, AMX Worldwide

 "Extron Emerging Technologies, New Products and Programs   for the Higher Education Market" *
     Tim Schnabel and Ken Mangum, Extron Electronics

 Pavilion West/East
 9:45am-10am  Break  Plaza Foyer

 1) "The New Wireless Interactive Classroom"
Dan Case, Carroll College
"Maximizing Uptime in Computerized Classrooms"
     Meghan Foster, George Washington University
 Broadway 1-2
 "UHDTV: 4K Is Here; Are You Ready For It?"  *
     Pete Putman, Kramer Electronics
 Broadway 3-4
 1) "Vidyo Implementation Montclair State University"
     Stanley Henry, Montclair State University
     Thomas Green, Montclair State University

 2) "Activating The Social Brain with Web Conferencing"
    Ron Novy, Adventist University of Health Sciences
    Brandon Baker, Adventist University of Health Sciences
 Pavilion East
 11:30am-1pm  Lunch and Business Meeting  Pavilion West/East

 "Copyright, Copyleft and Student-Created Media"
     Anthony Helm, Dartmouth College
     Jane Hutchison, William Paterson University
     Lindley Shedd, University of Alabama
 Pavilion East
 1) "Wireless Presentation Devices"
     John Pfeffer, University at Buffalo, SUNY

 2) "Piloting Mobile Devices/BYOD at UNLV & Penn State"
     Darrell Lutey, University of Nevada Las Vegas
     Dave Test, Penn State University
 Broadway 1-2
 1) "How to Get the AV Technology You Expect"
     Mario Maltese, Association for Quality in AV Technology

 2) "Wearable Technologies for Mentoring" 
     Cassidy Hall, University of Idaho
 Broadway 3-4
 2:30pm-  2:45pm  Break  Plaza Foyer

 "Techstarter: Crowdsourcing Technology Needs"
     Jim Twetten and Jacob Larsen, Iowa State University
 Broadway 3-4
 "Standards Based AV Design & Integration"
     Jason Railton, University of Notre Dame
     Tim Cichos, University of Notre Dame
 Pavilion East
 "Large Scale Lecture Capture and Delivery for BYOD"
     Marc Cholewczynski, Oregon State University
     Raul Burriel, Oregon State University
 Broadway 1-2
 4pm-5pm  Interest Group - Collection Development and Management  Broadway 3-4
 Interest Group - Instructional Design  Broadway 1-2
 5:45pm-6pm  Load buses for group outing  Salmon and 6th St (front of Starbucks)

Group outing, entertainment dinner at
Oregon Museum of Science and Industry
Buses will start rotating back to hotel beginning at 8pm (every 30 min)

Saturday, October 18th

***Conference schedule is tentative and subject to change***

 7:00am-  8:30am  Breakfast  Pavilion West
 7:30am-  8:30am  Interest Group Breakfast Table Discussions -
 Administration & Campus Services
 Pavilion West
 8:45am-  9:45am  Interest Group - Emerging Technologies
 Broadway 1-2
 Interest Group - Leadership  Broadway 3-4

 "Instructing without Lecturing: The 8-Second Video
 Essay and Teaching Multimedia Production"

     Andy Horbal, University of Maryland
     Lealin Queen, University of Maryland

 Broadway 1-2
 "Streaming on a Dime"
     Katie Kassof, American University
     Tim Cegnar, American University
 Pavilion East
 "Consider CompuCycling When You're Rolling in PCs"
     Michael Bachman, Towson University
 Broadway 3-4
 10:45am-11am  Break  Plaza Foyer
 11am-12pm  "Faculty Engagement Strategies: Sharing Experiences" 
     Jacob Larsen, Iowa State University
     Jim Twetten, Iowa State University
 Broadway 1-2
 "IoT - What's in Your Classroom?"
     Andrew Wadsworth, University of Illinois
     Tracy Whittaker, University of Illinois 
 Pavilion East
 "Faculty Development Personalized"
     George Chacko, Pace University
     Antonio Soares, Pace University 
 Broadway 3-4
 12pm-1:15pm  Box lunch and head to Portland State University  Pavilion West
 1:15pm-  1:45pm

Campus Keynote Speaker

 "Technology in the Blink of an Eye" *
 Presenter: Kirk Kelly, Associate VP and CIO,
 Portland State University

 Hoffman Hall
 1:45pm-4pm  Portland State University Campus Tour
 4pm Sight-see and Dinner on Your Own - sign up at registration

Sunday, October 19th

***Conference schedule is tentative and subject to change***

 7am-8:30am  Breakfast  Pavilion West

 1) "Creating a Culture for Interactive Learning Environments"
     Bob Henshaw, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

 2) "Technology Enhanced Active
     Learning Classrooms"
     Lindsey Jackson, Montana State University
     Marilyn Lockhart, Montana State University
 Broadway 3-4
 1) "Digital Media Support Services at UC Berkeley"
     Gina Gaiser, UC Berkeley
     Tim Gotch, UC Berkeley

 2) "Combining Tech Training with Faculty
     Joe Tobares, University of Texas at San Antonio
     Melissa Padalecki, University of Texas at San Antonio
     Lee Gildon, University of Texas at San Antonio
 Broadway 1-2
 10am-10:15am  Break  Plaza Foyer

 "The Media Spaces Life Cycle"
     Bobby Hollandsworth, Clemson University
     Andy Horbal, University of Maryland
     Monique Threatt, Indiana University
     Debra Mandel, Northeastern University
 Broadway 1-2
 "I2I: Designing Collaborative Relationships" *
     Donna Taber, Cornell University
 Broadway 3-4
 11:15am-12pm  Conference Wrap-Up  Pavilion East