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2015 Conference Workshops
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Pre-Conference Workshops October 14, 2015

Workshop Title
Member Cost
Non-Member Cost
8am-5pm "Fundamentals of RF (Radio frequency) Theory and Practice with Hands-on Demonstrations" $150 $250
8am-12pm "Planning for Effective Projection - With a Focus on Image Quality & Calculating Proper System Brightness & Contrast"   $75 $125
1pm-5pm "Do Your Homework! How Much Did That Last 
AV System REALLY Cost You?"

$75 $125


"Fundamentals of RF (Radio Frequency) Theory and Practice with Hands-on Demonstrations"

Instructor: Pete Putman, ROAM Consulting, LLC - view bio

This all-day course will provide students with a “deep dive” into the fundamentals of RF (radio frequency) theory and practice. Topics include concepts of wavelength and frequency, cables and connectors, filters, splitting and combining signals, amplifiers and their use, and antenna types and characteristics. These concepts are applicable to all wireless audio, video, and multichannel distribution systems.

Additional topics will include white space wireless operations (802.11, WHDI, WiHD and wireless display/AV products), wireless microphone principles and operation, and principles of analyzing RF and wireless systems.

Hands-on demonstrations will include the use of spectrum analyzers to identify different types of RF signals, sources of interference; amplifier, antenna, and filter performance, and signal activity in the 2.4 and 5 GHz Wi-Fi / white space bands.

Continuing Education Credit: 8 RU credits

"Planning for Effective Projection - With a Focus on Image Quality & Calculating Proper System Brightness & Contrast" 

Instructor: Steve Cook, Draper Inc. - view bio

Planning a projection system requires a solid understanding of the equipment, the application, and the environment where it will be used. By considering separately these three elements you'll acquire useful tools to understand screen selection and installation. Steve will help understand how you pair the right projection screen with your projector to meet the needs of the viewing audience. This workshop will emphasize knowledge and the how-to and not be manufacturer specific. 

Continuing Education Credit: 1.5 RU Credits

"Do Your Homework! How Much Did That Last AV System REALLY Cost You?"

Instructor: Mario J. Maltese, The Association for Quality in Audio Visual Technology, Inc.
view bio

Getting the actual numbers on things usually uncovers issues that go far beyond the scope one initially imagines. With AV Technology procurement costing over ten percent of a capital budget (not including real estate or electrical installation), and about half of that in labor, the numbers that matter really build up. Everyone has his or her stories of “AV Disasters”.

This workshop dives in to some of the details that uncovers the much larger dynamics at hand, applying principles long established by the more mature industries of automotive, aerospace, and telecommunications. Attendees are given hands-on tools of the trade. Hear the success stories of those who have been using these principles, and the benefits they enjoyed by exploiting the AV9000 Standard. The AV9000 Standard is now entering its fifth year (with as many revisions) with thousands of systems to its credit. The changes in its latest revision (2015) will be reviewed.

New systems with absolutely no “punch list” are now becoming commonplace. A Step-by-Step Approach on how to achieve this will be shared.

Presentation Resources:

Continuing Education Credit: 4 RU credits