Operations Supervisor-Educational Media

Operations Supervisor-Educational Media (Pleasantville campus)

Location: Pace University (Pleasantville Campus, Winchester)

Position summary: The Educational Media Operations Supervisor will provide Pace University students, faculty, administrators, staff, and guests with excellent presentation and educational technology support. Working with clients to assess their needs, the Operations Supervisor will recommend and implement the best solutions and coordinate the delivery of those solutions to classrooms, meeting rooms, and presentation venues. The supervisor will work with professional Educational Media colleagues, collaborate with every department on campus, and take direction from the Educational Media Manager to ensure that Pace students have the best possible classroom and special event experience. In addition, programming and troubleshooting responsibilities pertaining to Video Conferencing system and R25 scheduling system include, maintaining and modifying programs; make approved changes, test develop programming modifications, analyze the performance of programs and take action to correct deficiencies based on consultation with users and approval of the manager. Confer with users to gain an understanding of needed changes or modifications of existing programs and to write and maintain programming/troubleshooting documentation. The supervisor will be required to be proactive and suggest new ideas and programs to enhance staff/faculty and student experience and implement them if approved.

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