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2016-2017 Election - Institutional Nominees
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 President-Elect Candidate - Cody Gregg, South Texas College

Cody Gregg has been a member of CCUMC since 2000. He has made his career in higher education since 1992. He has served as an English and College Success instructor, academic department chairperson, and accreditation coordinator. For the past five years, he has served as the Dean of Library and Learning Support Services at South Texas College in McAllen, Texas, since 2008. Prior to that, he was the Director of Instructional Technologies. He is currently responsible for libraries, classroom technology, open computing labs, and tutoring and other learning support for all five South Texas College campuses. He holds an MA in English & Applied Linguistics from the University of Texas – Pan American, an MLS in Library and Information Science from the University of North Texas, and the Certified Technology Specialist designation from Infocomm. During his time at South Texas College, he has seen the college grow from around 1,000 students to over 31,000 in fall 2015. That time has brought rapid change and growth in the college’s classroom technology and infrastructure and libraries.

Cody has been active in CCUMC since 2000. He has attended most conferences and in 2011, he led South Texas College’s efforts as the local host institution for the conference held at South Padre Island, Texas. In addition, he was a member of the conference planning committee for the 2012 conference held in Las Vegas, Nevada. He was also the chairperson of the CCUMC Strategic Planning Task Force and coordinated the organization’s development of a new strategic plan. He is currently the a member of the CCUMC Board.

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: I still remember the feelings I had after attending my first CCUMC conference in Denton, Texas, at the University of North Texas over a decade ago. I left the conference with a wealth of knowledge, but more importantly, with the certainty that I had found a community, a group of professionals who shared my values, challenges, and concerns, with whom I could truly connect. Since my attendance at that first conference, one thing has remained constant: that feeling of community has grown ever stronger. During this time, CCUMC has made the greatest contribution to my professional development of any organization with which I have been involved. As technology continues to evolve at an ever-increasing pace, CCUMC is poised to continue to grow and make outstanding, positive contributions to the field of instructional technology in higher education. I have remained active in CCUMC through attendance at almost every conference, serving as the local host institution in 2011, chairing the organization’s strategic planning efforts, and serving one term on the Board. Through these experiences, I have developed a greater awareness of our consortium, its values, and its value to our profession. Because CCUMC has contributed so much to my own development, I would like the opportunity to give back to the organization and participate further in its efforts to provide leadership in media and academic technology.

Secretary Candidate - Brenda White, Washburn University

Brenda provides leadership and vision for Washburn University in the areas of Web development, Online Education Support, Multimedia Production, Video/Web Conferencing, Mediated Classroom Support, Instructional Design, Educational Television, and the campus security camera system

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: As a member of CCUMC since 1998, I have received so much from being a member; from professional development opportunities to camaraderie with other members or advice and interpretation on copyright laws. Previously, I have found small ways to contribute to this fulfilling organization but quite honestly felt it was time to step up to the plate and contribute more to such a great organization. It is with this nomination as Secretary of CCUMC that I found the next step to becoming more involved in this outstanding national organization. CCUMC has many dedicated members that strive to promote and implement the advancement of technology that supports quality teaching and learning in higher education institutions. I feel that I have a broad knowledge and expertise in the implementation and use of technology in higher education, including the successes and challenges that are faced by my institution and my colleagues throughout CCUMC. This knowledge will serve me well in the position as secretary. Please accept this sincere commitment toward the continuation and support of CCUMC by my nomination as secretary.

Institutional Director Nominees (Two seats available)


Jacob E. Larsen, Iowa State University

Jacob E. Larsen manages the emerging technology support efforts for IT Services Academic Technologies at Iowa State University (ISU). This includes leading faculty support efforts and assistance for all IT Services Academic Technologies including software assistance and pedagogical support. He is also the primary communications agent for the Community of Educational Technology Support (ComETS) organization at ISU. Currently, Jacob’s main projects involve the student use of wireless content sharing technology in classrooms, data collection on the various faculty engagement strategies used by different EDUCAUSE and CCUMC member institutions, and exploration of different audience response system options.

Prior to joining IT Services at ISU, Jacob worked with the ISU Intensive English and Orientation Program fulfilling the roles of lecturer, Online Learning Coordinator and Language Lab Coordinator. Jacob has also worked as an educational consultant to the City of Ames, Iowa where he established and managed an online learning system, created training materials and provided advice on employee training. Jacob holds a PhD degree in Education with a specialization in Curriculum and Instructional Technology. He also holds MA degrees in Applied Linguistics from Ohio University and English Language and Literature from University of Southern Denmark.

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: I would like to become a CCUMC board member because I want to help maintain, strengthen and enhance this valuable professional IT community. Several of CCUMC’s core areas are of particular professional interest to me, such as technology and pedagogy and providing leadership for the effective implementation and management of instructional technology in higher education. Fostering and enhancing cooperation between different institutions in the pursuit of solutions to mutual problems is also very important. I focused on this with my presentation on Faculty Engagement at the 2014 conference and my subsequent follow-up with monthly surveys and results posted to the CCUMC mailing list.

As a board member I believe my background with experiences in tech support, faculty support, website, LMS, and server management, college teaching and emerging technology research and integration will help me serve the organization well. I can understand and discuss issues from the different perspectives of the various professions occupied by different CCUMC members while my teaching experience will help provide insight into the mindset and needs of faculty. I hope to use my knowledge and experience with emerging technology to help strengthen the board and the organization in this particular area during my tenure.


Jon Loney, Whitman College

Jon is the Manager of Instructional Multimedia Services at Whitman College. He graduated in 1998 from Washington State University with a degree in communications with an emphasis on broadcast production. Professionally, Jon spent several years working in A/V production, classroom technologies, photography, marketing and recruiting at Walla Walla Community College. Jon has been working at Whitman College since 2008 where he now runs the department in charge of set-up, installation and maintenance of all classroom and auditoria technology. His office is also responsible for maintaining a checkout pool of equipment and staffing events on campus that require A/V support and/or streaming. Jon is the primary consultant on campus for multimedia projects and has his hand in numerous other projects and committees. Jon was born and raised in Walla Walla, WA where he currently resides with his wife and two sons. In his spare time, Jon enjoys acting. He just wrapped up playing George Bailey in It’s a Wonderful Life.

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: I have been a member of CCUMC since 2008 and the annual conference is always one of the highlights of the year for me. It’s the one conference where the topics and discussions are always relevant, well presented and the people are fantastic! Last spring I hosted a Northwest version of CCUMC called NW/MET and needless to say, the event was very successful and it gave me a tested knowledge of what it takes to successfully plan a conference. I am also the current director of this organization.

My experience and expertise is an ideal fit for the CCUMC Board of Directors as an Institutional Board Member. After attending the annual conference for the past eight years, I feel like the time is now for me to become more involved. This past year, I joined the Election Committee, and look forward to the opportunity to become further involved with this top-notch organization.


Matt "Q" McQuaig, Grove City College

Matt McQuaig, known to many simply as ‘Q’, joined Grove City College’s Information Technology Services in 2004. Over the past decade he has served his alma mater faithfully as Director of Media Services, leading one of the most rapidly growing ITS units to expand its broad array of creative and technical services. Committed to lifelong learning, he sought and earned his Master of Science in Organizational Leadership (MSOL) degree from Geneva College and encourages his talented team members to pursue professional development in any number of ways.

Among those growth opportunities, Q realized the numerous benefits of CCUMC and created an institutional membership for GCC’s Media Services in 2008; he has been a proud member since that time, gaining tremendous value from the organization. Most recently, he was privileged to co-host the 2015 annual conference in Pittsburgh, alongside his incredible regional cohort of all-stars from Duquesne, PITT, Westminster and GCC. Often tagged “Q, the app guy”, he spearheaded efforts to implement and design the first-ever interactive Guidebook for CCUMC, to rave reviews before, during and after the conference. He smiles to hear how it provided a value-add to so many attendees, and hopes that although now a tool of the past, it might be an ongoing resource—“back to the future,” perhaps!

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: Frankly, I am humbled even to be considered for a position on CCUMC’s board of directors, and would be happy to continue serving this great organization however our membership sees fit to use my talents. There are so many ways each of us can share our gifts; if a leadership role within CCUMC be the best way for me to reinvest in this community, then sign me up for our quest!


Lindley Shedd, University of Alabama

Lindley Shedd received her MIS in Information Science from the Indiana University School of Library and Information Science in 2008. Lindley is the Media Services Coordinator for The University of Alabama Libraries Sanford Media Center, an active student media production support center serving more than 15,000 students each year. As program administrator, Lindley is responsible for the leadership and day-to-day management of the Center. She provides guidance and technical assistance to faculty and students for media assignment creation, production, and evaluation.

In addition to being an actively presenting at numerous CCUMC conferences, she has given presentations at regional EDUCAUSE and SAMLA (South Atlantic Modern Language Association) and national conferences including the American Library Association and the Library Information Technology Association on topics including copyright, media, and libraries, Alternate Reality Games (ARGs) for libraries, iTunes U, disaster recovery planning, integrating media services into the curriculum, digital storytelling, building relationships with teaching faculty, staff training, and circulating equipment selection and management. In addition, Lindley has been one of fifty individuals from around the world invited to serve as a member of the expert panel for the NMC Horizon Report: Library Edition for both 2014 (inaugural issue of the report) and 2015.

STATEMENT OF INTEREST: My first CCUMC conference was when Elon University hosted in 2009 and I just keep coming back to see y’all. The CCUMC conference is the only one that I’ve continually attended. Within CCUMC, and in collaboration with many of you, I have served in a few roles with CCUMC since joining in 2009. I have presented twelve conference sessions and a preconference workshop and moderated one of the professional development webinars. MY volunteer roles to CCUMC include serving as Associate Editor for the Leader (2010-2011), Editor of the Leader (2011-2014), member of the Publications Advisory Board (2011-2015), member of the Government Regulation and Public Policy Committee, (2012-2014), and member of the Research Committee (2011-2013). This year I served as the Proceedings Editor, which allowed me to serve on the conference Program Committee for the 2015 conference.

I would like to continue my service to the organization as one of the Institutional Board Members because I want to continue to help provide meaningful experiences to the membership and leverage this amazing network of people to its very best.