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Suggested Topics for Future Conferences
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  • How we use students to support departmental endeavors
  • Instructional design and training topics
  • Continuation of 2014 session on CAT 5, 6 & 7
  • Student employment/training
  • Emerging technologies
  • Mobile integration into classroom environments
  • Mobile clicker support (not just hardware solutions)
  • Wireless projection
  • Practical ways to work with vendors
  • Professional Communication
  • Sustainability/green initiatives
  • Multimedia literacy, what is going on in K-12 arena that colleges and universities should know about
  • Relating to faculty development for tech people
  • Desktop video conferencing, IP based video conferencing
  • BYOD
  • IT/AV convergence
  • Video production
  • Large scale visual displays
  • International distance learning
  • Makers spaces
    How media and IT support students and faculty
  • What skills does a new AV person need?
  • Alternatives to Smartboards
  • Leadership
  • Equipment rentals and campus events
  • Anything related to AV and classrooms
  • Collaborative learning and teaching spaces
  • Information about the technological states of information content; new supports and delivery uses, vision for overall campus learning, on-site and remote, integration of virtual and actual systems and purposes, training for new media technology integrations
  • Managing staff
  • Large lecture support
  • More forward thinking sessions
  • Learning space design
  • Digital signage
  • Teaching learning technology
  • Inventory procedures/methods
  • Whether or not we are entering a post-physical media era, what is “media” these days (ex: 3D printer?)
  • More technical topics
  • LMS/pedagogy support
  • Huddle rooms and huddle style classrooms
  • Active learning classrooms-conception to completion
  • More sessions that involve all ranges of membership-for example how removal of VHS affects library development policies
  • Video/audio over IP networks
  • Flipped classrooms
  • How to improve services with few resources
  • Have some industry experts present on topics (not specific vendors)
  • The future of 4K
  • How are faculty using technology
  • Student management