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2014 Conference - Archive Portal: Providing Access to the World's Essential Media Archives
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About this session:

The mission of CCUMC is to provide leadership and a forum for information exchange to the providers of media content, academic technology, and support for quality teaching and learning at institutions of higher education. The continual evolution of research design leads to new configurations of services.

Global media archives hold over 100 years of human activity and natural history that has been documented by motion pictures cameras and sound recorders.  Filmmakers and media companies have always tapped into these archives for new projects, new programs, and creative inspiration. This “archival” or “stock” media industry has been collaborating with creative minds for decades and is now funding mass digitization of invaluable historical media.

Access to this footage and these sounds has been difficult for students and faculty, as research is complex and licensing rates prohibitive. But access to this media is essential for effective visual expression and communications in our schools and our workplaces.

The Archive Portal is the first system that allows students and faculty to download and use the world’s essential archival materials in non-commercial educational projects. Funded by subscription fees from academic libraries, the Archive Portal provides scholarly access and license to media enjoyed by the world’s best filmmakers.

Working with global sources of archival content, in collaboration with the Libraries of New York University and the University of Maryland, a pilot stage of The Archive Portal is underway and will be launched officially in the fall of 2014.

This paper will present the background, research and project development of the portal, demonstrate the pilot and official systems, and think about the potential impact on the use of these participating archives for scholarship.

Additional Resources:

About the presenters:

Matthew White, Archive Portal, LLC

Matthew White founded the WPA Film Library in 1986, and has held senior management positions at National Geographic Digital Media and the Corporation of Public Broadcasting, where he served as the Executive Director of the American Archive. Matthew is also an award-winning filmmaker of archive-inspired programs, and serves as a member of the UN-organized advocacy group, Archives at Risk.

Carlton Jackson, University of Maryland

Carleton Jackson is Head Library Media Services, University Libraries, University of Maryland. He manages a library and staff specializing in physical and digital media collections, providing services to access and collections directly and electronically. These services now include multi-media production, technology assistance, curricular planning and media integration an integral part of coursework, research and publishing.