Sponsor Deadlines

Important Deadlines for Sponsors

Thank you again to all that shave committed to sponsor the 2021 Conference in the Cloud Returns.
As a sponsoring partner, we request that you complete the following forms:

We will be collecting videos for Sponsor Pages and the 10-minute "What's New, What's it Do" Sessions through wetranfer.com. Instructions below.

To send your pre-recorded videos with CCUMC for the event, navigate to wetransfer.com. Add the files to the pop-up box on the wetransfer.com website. In the "email to" box add [email protected]. In the "Title" line put your company name, in the description include whether or not the video is for the sponsor page or "What's New, What's it Do." Please also include a brief title for the video.

If you have any issue with the upload, please contact the Executive Office.




If you haven't already registered for the event, please do so below. Registration is free to all CCUMC members.