2021 Annual Conference Call for Proposals

This year, CCUMC will be meeting virtually again for Conference in the Cloud Returns! The annual conference is an ideal place to learn about new and innovative approaches to education from your colleagues at other institutions and our profession. You could be an integral part of that experience by becoming a presenter at this year’s conference. Since the conference will be held online again this year, it will be very easy to participate. The online proposal 

submission is easy to complete, and the rewards of being an active contributor to your conference are invaluable! Deadline to submit proposals is May 17th. 



Why be a presenter?



  1. Presenting is a great chance of supporting the CCUMC mission by exchanging information and ideas within our organization, community, and profession.

  2. Presenting brings national recognition to you and your institution.
  3. Presenting gives you a unique opportunity to get more involved and contribute to CCUMC.
  4. Presenting is an opportunity to develop professional presentation skills in a welcoming environment with feedback from trusted peers.

Share with your colleagues from other institutions the success of your newest technology initiative, an innovative staff development plan to grow the leadership skills in your junior staff members, or perhaps a technology trend you are noticing in your students. The list of possible topics is endless and if you want inspiration, just peruse the CCUMC LISTSERV or check out the list of core competencies below:

  • Inclusive Leadership: Modern workforce; diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI); performance effectiveness; collaborative initiatives related to strategic institutional, vendor, and research partnerships; process transformations; culture change; measuring; remote campus relationships; and community engagement partnerships.
  • Teaching and Learning Environments: Instructional design, digital learning, learning space design, research computing, online and blended learning, accessibility and universal design, and mobile learning, as well as support for libraries, pedagogical research, and scholarship.
  • Content/Asset Management: Managing digital assets, metatagging standards, defining what should be archived, copyright in the digital age, distribution strategies for assets outside of the learning management system.
  • Organizational Management: Leadership and management strategies and efforts to cultivate innovation, processes and practices that support change efforts, cost control; mergers, closures, and consortiums and emerging projects and pilots that explore how innovation can support student success.
  • Media Production: Digital video production management, production staffing and man hour tracking, managing quality with faculty production hobbyists, utilizing digital assets in instructional design, digital video production standards in a streaming world, finding a balance between course captures and full production. 
  • Campus Technology: Current av and online tools, classroom video and audio systems, wireless presentation, collaboration/active learning tools, web and videoconferencing, learning management system integrations, video management systems, av-over-ip, VR, hybrid classroom systems, software codec rooms, etc.
  • Technical Skills: Av installation, av repair, programming, cable termination and management, customer service, audio, etc.

Proposals will be evaluated on the following factors:

Relevance and Appeal How important is the topic to the membership?
How current is the topic?
Originality How innovative and original is the perspective, approach, or solution?
Organization How clear, concise, and well-organized is the proposal?
Learning Outcomes How relevant are the learning outcomes to the proposal’s topic? How realistic and achievable are the learning outcomes in the time / format proposed?

 Corporate Members’ Participation in General Session Presentation Guidelines

  • Corporate members are able to attend any session.
  • Corporate presenters are welcome to participate in general sessions as co‐presenters with an institutional participant as main presenter.
  • Presentations should be relevant to the CCUMC Mission and the interests of the membership.
  • Direct sales pitches are not scheduled as general sessions.
  • Presentations will be recorded as any other session and requires completion of release form. This does not apply to pre-conference workshops or other activities.
  • Corporate member proposals will be evaluated using the same criteria as institutional member proposals.
  • Corporate sessions follow all other guidelines for general sessions for the conference.

Proposals which are not submitted in their entirety by the due date will not be considered. Proposals will be considered incomplete if materials are missing or if materials are submitted in the incorrect format. Submissions will be reviewed by the CCUMC Program Committee after all submissions are received. The lead presenter will be contacted via email once the Program Committee finalized the conference sessions.

AFTER YOU SUBMIT: If you do not receive a confirmation screen immediately after you submit your proposal, contact the CCUMC Executive Office.